Paul Robinson Poetry


I have been supplied with a quantity of idiosyncrasies.
In order to fit, I have veiled these with enablers to the detriment of being.
I capitulated for the sake of the collective:
The receipt was useless patter, absurd psychology, the end of fakery.
I embrace my uncertainty, in order to disclose petty human natures,
Of which there are so many. I do not aim to be a patriarch of ethics,
For I know my place in the abyss, and will tumble at the slightest shudder.
So, reserve me a place, I will be along shortly,
In the mean time, ponder this soliloquy
and see if you match these observations of our shared fallibility.



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I’m holding you a spot right next to me, we are two of a kind. There are more of us out there. Lets reach out together and bring us all together.

Comment by An Imperfect Servant

[…] brings a smile to my face, that’s good enough for me, I hope you enjoy it too.      The Statement made by Paul Robinson rings true with me and I see much of myself in it.  I laud the transparency […]

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