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Splitting the Your + Open Text Becomes the Tenet Poet

E(t)cheloned memory – disjunctive cognition – maternal imprinting
ballistic + calypso = balLLypso
the secret of great poetry? It must be easy enough to understand
and hard enough to be-which?
Anti-linearity of employment and experience –
the rhizomatic curriculum vitae.
your – y/our – why/our – y/r –
Y axis R, the rhotic consonant.
open text – poet x net – x net poet,
net x poet – x (10) net poet
ten (n)et poet
the open text becomes a tenet poet,
well better – bell whether,
a breeze friezes vision.



Torch in Your Face: Rogan Whitenails

Torch in Your Face Spotlight Bio:graphie


“Rogan Whitenails is a British poet, fabulist and barotermatismophobia sufferer.”

“Combining ‘baro’ (Greek for ‘gravity’) and ‘termatismos’ (meaning ‘to stop’), Whitenails devised the word ‘barotermatismophobia’ to denote the hitherto undocumented fear of gravity suddenly failing to transmit its force, leading to what the poet describes as a ‘cataclysmic ascension’, whereby everybody and everything is catapulted off the Earth’s surface into outer space.”

“Gravity giving up is the motif of much of his work, but he also writes a great deal about the town of Woking, where he lived between 2001 and 2004. Woking’s large Toys ‘Я’ Us store and its adjoining multi-storey car park are featured in several of his writings. ‘Three people threw themselves off the top of the multi-storey car park in as many years as I was there. And the wolf-whistling, that was chilling’, replied Whitenails, after he was asked in a radio interview about the town.”

“He has had three idiosyncratic collections published: Failure Crawled up my Leg (1998, 2002), Gravity is a Babe Lost in the Wood of Ubiquity (2005) and Ghostly Sightings of the Pornographic Lady (2008).

Wikipedia Biographical extract
Image sourced from Rogan Whitenails

Aléatoire de Photographie [?]
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Surface Ripples



Transmission of Thoughts

The poet does not need tender to scribe: nor the painter, musician or photographer beyond the acquisition of their respective device. To seek profit from artistic endeavour defeats the principle of creativity, which is to bring into this world life. Elementary recognition should suffice, communion with familiars. There can be no price placed on the transmission of thoughts that spark another mind.