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On the Shore of Nothingness: A Study in Cognitive Poetics
September 25, 2009, 1:20 pm
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On the Shore of Nothingness:
A Study in Cognitive Poetics

by Reuven Tsur, 2008 >

On the Shore of Nothingness- A Study in Cognitive Poetics



POPO: A novel by Rosser Reeves, 1980

Received my Jackson/Madison County Library DISCARD copy of
POPO: A Novel
by Rosser Reeves.

POPO A novel by Rosser Reeves

Below is a review, appropriated via Google News,
from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-Oct 11, 1980.

POPO review Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Oct 11, 1980

POPO has travelled from Jackson County Library, TN:

Jackson-Madison County Library

to Liverpool, England:

Liverpool Waterfront

A total distance of 4138.261 miles.


Stark Offer by the Guard in This Spherical Prison
September 19, 2009, 10:30 pm
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Diatomic Oxygen

Air the cage is all around,
Clamped tight to our skin.
We are incognizant of its’ existence,
(from one moment to the next)
Allowed to wander in it’s stomach,
Our lungs taking snippets when breathed in.


The Kite Model of Poetry

Kite Model of Poetry B