Paul Robinson Poetry

Ears Sensitise-Wide in Hypnagogia

Ears sensitise-wide in hypnagogia:
Lunar regolith creep,
Murmurous cassette tape in trees,
Incoming call centre riots
and the buzz of shoefiti.



Outside Person-ified Is The Most Demanding of -alities

Trumpeting experience, oboeing the expanse,
All for one foot infront of the other,
All by our own energy must we tickle its skin,
And aah at the marvels of its ecology.
Maslow would be furious his pyramid is to be distended,
To incorporate the largely incorporeal -ality.


Rejection Is Fertile

One down too narrow the field.
Spoilt, the closest to protest.
Inliars will always, of that there is no doubt.
Rejection is fertile.