Paul Robinson Poetry

The Beyond-Marginalised

Once more, Capitalism expresses its ferocity through the beyond-marginalised who—experiencing “unparalleled”, temporary freedom in parallel w/ expulsion from the polis—begin to enact the profoundest questions: What is law? Why is property? What society? What equality? Their answers rest in the framework that, until recently, consumed their energies completely; but, although they are, for now, emancipated, they still function as expressions of a conditioning—seeking the incarcerator for guidance—forcing them, along historical paths of conflict, towards symbols of control perfused with their (not their) fragmenting, ingrained desires. These so-called ‘attacks’ on commerce are nothing less than the finalisation of a process that commences (ad infinitum) with the undeclared admission, by Capital, of universal imparity. The former—soon to be renewed—indentured are merely shaking off, for the moment, the residuum of an imbalanced, contracted indebtedness seen through a lens by the ‘shocked’ and ‘horrified’ only as violence, hooliganism and “thuggery”.


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