Paul Robinson Poetry


psychogenearation n

1. (psychgen) The ability to consciously modify one’s own gene expression, therefore phenotype, during a lifetime.



In Defense of the Cassette

I rest my cassette.


Stencil #3


Spelling Miss-Takes Revel the Mind: Spelling Corrections Conceal It.

ladies ladis

The following is intentionally left to its own intentions:

Does it make you uncomoftable to see these words not in their right mind, all mispslet so that the emaning is harder to conseeve. Would it be preferable to correct this document? Do you feel embrased? Has the text lost its authority? If it was spelt correctly would it regain its composure, or would the dmage already have been done? Does these words ignite memories of classroom spelling-bees in your own mind? Spelling is such a cnut! It’s sou authoritative, leaning over us like an alphabetical nightmare.

Through typograpigical errors, new language can be generated. And now I will drink tae and snoek cigars.


The Phone Box